Project 55: Yoga mat wrap from old sari

With spring, I decided to get a new yoga mat. The old yoga mat is about 12 years old. It’s still good. I’m going to use it at home. Someone wrote all over it… photo 5 photo 6


I started with my word, wholehearted, and added to it the idea from Brene Brown that wholehearted and vulnerability are inextricably intertwined. I’ve also added a few take away ideas from different teachers that I keep coming back to, for example, “Trust yourself first.” from Judith Lasater. It’s still a work in progress and sometimes I like the blank side up.

This new mat feels really different. It has so much more friction. My friend mentioned that she has downward dog callouses and now I can see how that might happen. My other mat is grippy, but also a bit stretchy and a just slightly cushy. This new mat feels almost like I’m cheating. I can feel a crisper reaction force. For instance, when you press back and down through the foot, your foot isn’t going anywhere and you can feel the upward and forward force from the ground. The colour is spring, through and through – lime green! The only weird thing is that it is picks up hair like crazy and my hair shows up really well on it. My other mat doesn’t do that. It’s not that it doesn’t show, it just doesn’t hold the same static charge. I guess I’ll have to vacuum a bit more often, or just get over it.

I wrapped the new mat in an old sari given to me by my friend, Swati. I made a different yoga mat bag with part of this sari, but I didn’t want to cut up this piece of fabric and I was not feeling like sewing something. Laziness can be the mother of invention. The result is a very well dressed new yoga mat.

Mat wrap instructions

  1. Place rolled mat on a diagonal on your sari, or a piece of light, strong fabric with dimensions about 1m x 2.25 m. Have the end of the mat facing away from you so that as you roll the fabric around the mat, the mat does not unroll. photo 8
  2. Flip the fabric up along the edge of the mat, so now you have a “V” shape of fabric. photo 7
  3. Roll it up. photo 9 photo 13
  4. Tie the ends together in a double 12 photo 11

You’re done. A very well dressed yoga mat….

photo 10




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