Project 34: Yoga mat bag from a sari

Just a long tube tied together with a square knot.

Some times there is a line of stitching dividing the tube in half into two closed tubes. I left mine an open tube. One side holds the yoga mat, the other side becomes the handle. Here is the bag untied.

Holding the mat together is one of my favourite things…  a loop made from a strip of jersey t-shirt fabric. So simple, yet so versatile, I love the stretchy bungee cord like yarn that comes from cutting stretchy fabric into long strips and pulling it lengthwise so it curls around itself. I like to use one as a belt in yoga class on those days when I do headstands, but happen to be wearing a t-shirt. It’s also handy as a headband.

Here I am using it as a yoga mat tie to keep the yoga mat rolled up. It makes putting the mat into the bag a much easier operation. (Yoga mat tie is 34″ long and 2″ wide before stretching and knotting.)

Another use for your yoga mat tie, a yoga bag tie…

 My finished dimensions were 17″ around x 83″ long. I think it could be slightly wider and 12″ longer. Make sure to add seam allowances and hem allowances if you make your own. This is my first one and it went to the friend who donated her sari for me to sew with. It was for her son, so I didn’t use the pretty part with all the embroidery, but I will make another from that section of sari soon.

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