Project 53 (revised) : My word is…

wordMy word is wholehearted.

Do you have a word?

A one word poem

call to action

state of being

seed crystal


net for catching something that is that word,




any or all of the above, maybe none of the above.

A lot can be said in just one word.

  • Some choose a sacred word for the year. For example Carole creator of Rejuvenation Lounge chose “open doors”. Susannah Conway offers a free course via 5 emails in finding your word of the year.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”, one word per country in her year of travels and adventure. She also says that each city has a word. Rome = sex.
  • “The book of Awesome,” a best seller based on a collection of awesome things.
  • The story of a man who changed his life by changing his password, that I first heard about on Spark.
  • Our dear exchange student summarized his visit this way. Canada = strange. France = crazy.
  • Maybe you’ve chosen an intention at the beginning of a yoga class

I have been asking people their word. I have heard beautiful answers, answers that have sent shivers up the spine. That has been the best part. Some people have had different interpretations of the question. It’s really open. Thank you to those who have shared them with me. I’m not going to share them. You may want to share, you may not. But if you want to play, it’s simple.

It goes like this:

My word is…

Do you have a word?

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  1. Avatar
    February 25, 2015

    It had come up in a quiz as “I am open” and while I only did email one of Susannah’s course, it still seems to ring true for this year.

    • June
      February 25, 2015

      beautiful. Thanks Luann

  2. Avatar
    erin luong
    February 25, 2015


    • June
      February 26, 2015

      yes! thanks Erin 🙂

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