Project 60: A temporary paperclip button for a regroovenated scarf

I know I made a mother’s day gift in school from paperclips and adhesive woodgrain shelf paper. It was a paperclip chain necklace. Each paperclip was wrapped in shelf paper, making a flat wood grain bead. Who knew I would use that technique again? IMG_2692I don’t think I would have remembered this except that I saw the necklace in my mom’s drawer many years later. One thing I have learned as I continue slowly decluttering is that it is a good thing to discard gifts that no longer spark joy. Its function was to convey joy at the time of giving. If it is now languishing somewhere in a dark corner, it’s good to let the thing go. If it sparks joy, keep it.

Back to the temporary button. Until I get one made by one of my people who hang out in the garage, or just buy one at the store, I made a this paperclip button just to try out the idea from a pattern called the fear of commitment cowl. By accident, I found out that it can survive the washing machine, at least once. IMG_2691

You arrange your scarf and then thread the paperclip part through both layers of scarf to the back to hold the scarf in place. You have a button, but it’s completely moveable. No need to commit to a fixed button placement.


The yarn from this scarf came from undoing this scarf, made a year ago. I tried arm knitting to make this previous scarf. Both projects are super quick.

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    Lori Bothwell
    January 15, 2016

    Beautiful June❤

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      Lori Bothwell
      January 15, 2016

      Thanks Lori! Do you recognize the yarn? You gave it to me a couple years ago. Let me know if you still want to learn arm knitting.

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