Yoga quilt block 5: Bear’s paw square

bear's paw


A another square done! This one reminds me of mother bear energy and also the song Stand by REM. Here is the video in all its eighties glory…


The yoga portion of our gathering this month was to try out Kate Potter’s “hot tip” from her Yoga for Musicians series on youtube. You can skip to about 2:20 in the video, but I would watch the whole thing. You may require assistance to get the t-shirt up and over the head if using an old school no spandex t-shirt with the small neck hole. But, once in place it does the trick. It has a nice amount of give but still provides a good reminder to lift the chest. I cut up a t-shirt recently just straight across the from armpit to armpit. That tube can be worn in the same way and is easier to put on. I made a simple skirt to go over leggings from that tube and it also can be worn as one of those loopy scarves. It’s gone missing, so no photo for you.

Style-wise, one person thought it looked quite nice- like a shrug. It’s an improvement from the yoga strap we sometimes wear to do the same job. In the next breath, another quilter entered the room and said we all look a bit dorky. We were stylishly dorky but with impeccable posture while quilting.

This t-shirt brace is also good for learning shoulder hooping. I’ve never seen a good shoulder hooper with bad posture. Shoulder hooping is coming along. It’s definitely a work in progress. I found my tube, and I’m wearing it here…


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