Project 75: End of the roll receipt paper into hexaflexagon and hexaflexaflake

Spring has sprung. The willow in my yard has sprouted its fuzzy catkins. Temperatures are rising and snow is melting. All welcome, although as a skier, I’d love some more snow and colder temperatures in the mountains. And aside from selfish ski motivation, it would help the water levels in our rivers. It may not be seasonal, but I’m sharing a paper snowflake that flexes and reveals 3 different flakes (maybe more, I’m not sure.)

I was changing the roll of paper in the POS device at the yoga studio and kept the last little bit of paper remaining on the roll. If you make hexaflexagons, it’s the perfect sized starting material. Although for sturdiness, other paper is preferable. Vi Hart did not invent hexaflexagons, but it’s fair to say she has done a lot to popularized them. She tells the origin story of the flexagon in this video. Invented by a British math student who had moved to the states and had British sized 3 hole paper that did not fit into American 3 hole binders and so he started to play with the strips of paper that he trimmed from the too wide paper. Lots of instructions and folding templates are now available if you want to make your own hexaflexagon.

You have made a hexaflexagon. You can stop there and decorate it, flex it and notice it’s properties. It is also a mobius strip. I have used them in the past as greeting cards and also made them into yoga pose mandalas.

Flexing yoga pose mandala with different 3 faces

Or you could make it into a flexing snowflake. And this snowflake was turned into a little thank you note for my ski instructor, Frazer. Unfortunately, he was unable to ski with us on the last day of lessons due to illness. We all skied really well, I thought. We skied part of West Bowl at Lake Louise, a newer area with gladed areas through the trees and some open spaces. I was hoping that I could demonstrate how a paper hexaflexaflake flexes, but I trust it will be just fine.

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