11 minutes on Microcompassion with Erin Luong

My friend Erin and I were hanging out one weekend, and I asked if I could record her talking about microcompassion for a blog post. In the midst of a day of packing and moving, I asked Erin to share a bit more about microcompassion. One take, 11 minutes, Erin shining her light.

June and Erin out on a walk, February 2024.

Here is Erin Luong speaking about teaching microcompassion and changes she noticed over the month of February 2024 at her school. Since then, a professor in the education department at Concordia University has contacted her to ask permission to teach her curriculum to future teachers.

Follow her on Instagram (ehordyskiluong) to see photos of posters that students made for her and the latest topics she is sharing with her school.

reason #21: You make us feel safe in this school. & 49 other reasons. Poster created by her students.
Poster created for Erin by a student
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    March 26, 2024

    Erin, what an amazing success story! No wonder the kids are proud of themselves and you as well. Spreading good will is the ANSWER. THANK YOU.

    THANKS JUNE for sharing it with us.


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