Hello! How have you been?

This is the first new post in about 4 years. I am doing well. I’ve forgotten how to do this and who is even out there getting notifications. I know I can go see the list of 23 subscribers, but I have not yet. (I forgot the password and need a new one.) And maybe you’re no longer interested, which is fair. Please feel free to unsubscribe.

If you care to say hello, please do, privately or in the comments.

What will I be writing about now? Well, probably more regroovenating, but on other levels. A little less fabric and T-shirts, although I do have a quilt to finish. This quilt that I began has also sat neglected for even longer than 4 years. I think the kind of regroovenating I will write about will include human transformations. Sounds grand, but maybe I should say micro-transformations. I think it’s my new favourite prefix. Micromovements, micro-compassion, micro-brewery, no beer reviews here, but an appreciation for the small things, the bitesizing of a problem, the next small step forward and how these small choices accumulate over time.

I am taking a fantastic course called Myofascial Magic in Action with Joanne Avison and Paul Thornley. This course puts a spot light on the magic of micromovements and their impact on our fascial matrix which can be transformational on the macroscale. As I start to teach it, I find it to be in resonance with what I have been wanting to share and builds upon what I’ve learned in Myofascial Yoga training presented by Christine Wushke, which is where I first met Joanne as a guest teacher. I feel like I am learning with each class I teach and having fun teaching. I have a small loyal community who seems to enjoy this type of unifying movement that I call a gentle yoga class. As I learn to incorporate these small subtle movements into my life, one thing I notice is that I am skiing better and I”m getting more out of my ski lessons due to improved inner awareness. Joanne has shared some of my thoughts on skiing on her blog and socials.

My friend Erin Luong made up the phrase “micro-compassion” and introduced it to her school. Erin is school counsellor for children in grades kindergarten to grade 8 and she has seen a shift in behaviour. A little less micro-aggression, more empathy through acts of micro-compassion. Small steps in the direction of kindness and connection. I think I’ll have to interview her and update you with more details soon.

I have also been contemplating for a long time hosting an in person (possibly on-line as well) crafting group. Erin and I have been having art club meetings, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with a larger group. I would like to expand that idea as well. I’ll let you know what we come up with.

A bit of poetry, a bit of sewing, some moving, some gathering. Want to play?

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  1. Avatar
    February 23, 2024

    I love you June. My school is K-9 😉😆💋

    • June
      March 9, 2024

      I love you too Erin! Thanks for reading!

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