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These first four videos were ones that I watched over my husband’s shoulder the week that I was learning about biotensegrity with my myofascial yoga colleagues at a teacher training orchestrated by Christine Wushke. He watches a variety of videos about math, science, gliding, extreme human feats, and lots of people making stuff (boats, blacksmithing, 3D printing, woodworking, clock building, musical marble machine, etc ) and other random  amazingness. I get to see videos I would not normally see and I share these because they are related to the week spent together in training.

An idea that I have heard David Whyte share from dogen Zenji comes to mind. 

“If you go out and confirm the ten thousand things, this is delusion; if you let the ten thousand things come and confirm you, this is enlightenment.”

Dogen Zenji as spoken by David Whyte.

This is the feeling you come away with when studying biotensegrity. We have learned much about the patterns of the matter of life and many moments were brilliant with light bulb moments and lightning bolts of insight and a feeling of coming home.

  • Engineering with Origami, for Kat who spoke of our origami nature of life, all from the same sheet, folded in our own unique way. Also of note, one of the algorithms for creating origami crease patterns involves breaking down the form into a packing spheres.
  • The girl with the hyperbolic helicoid tattoo – Numberphile This came to mind when Joanne spoke of curved shapes and straight-line forces.. The curved shape of the tattoo in this video is a type of surface called a ruled surface and a property of all these surfaces is that they are entirely made of straight lines.
  • The Art of Balancing stones. For all those who are drawn to rocks, stones, including really big ones – mountains, etc.
  • AvE. This guy has a poetic way of speaking. This is not the typical topic of his videos, he is usually building or fixing something mechanical and even when I don’t know what he is making the language is captivating. Interesting that he should come upon mushrooms in this video should you watch that far. (Please skip if you don’t care for swearing.) Perhaps it was Amarin there in spirit, but I think everyone was cursing that week at some point.

After drawing the flower of life on the last day, I watched some hooping videos.

Thank you to all who spent the week and past weeks learning, sharing and being together! I happened to listen to this podcast during the week on my drive to and from Okotoks and it put into words the gift of being in a space in which you can (at times) compost in peace, among other things. Embodying Yin: A conversation with Jeannie Zandi. by Bliss and Grit. Sprouting out of the compost, more writing to come…

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