Or tops of heads of those people, photo by Keith

Faces framed in photos
Fleeting moments captured forever
Or until the technology changes
Or lost in the gigabytes of image files
Will it be the rare needle in a haystack that gets shared infectiously on Instagram?
More likely one piece of straw in the stack
In unselfconscious moments what is revealed?
What do we curate? What do we conceal?
What stories do we show and tell and hear?
What is it that we are making real?

Quick on the draw Keith, photo by Shannon

From our attire, it’s clear this was a summer moment, although it could almost have been from last week with the warm spell we had in Calgary. So what was happening in the photo that Keith took?Downloading Pokemon go? Facebook posting? Getting a meditation app? Candy Crush? One of these is true.

Last summer, I had started another iteration of going through the free email based Intro to poetry course from WordPress, and got to poem #2 (a poem using allitteration about a face) and then paused until now. Here is poem #3 (an acrostic poem about friendship) while I’m at it.

Spiritual friendships with people you will lose
Alive with that knowing, mystery will chose
No circle is too large, so welcome chance meetings
Guards and the guarded may appear with their gruff greetings
Halt, be ready to stay, be not turned away
A story shared can leave hearts a little less afraid

Music lesson with Blair, photo by Shannon

Getting a few ukulele tips from Blair, who works at the construction site beside Yoga MCC. He plays harmonica (on site), guitar and ukulele. Here are two recommendations from Blair.


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    November 18, 2016

    June, I remember that day. It was so fun(ny). Your poetry is beautiful.

  2. Avatar
    November 20, 2016

    Yes, that was a wonderful day. Love reading your blog and poetry. ❤️❤️❤️

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