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Last month, I attended the Yoga Therapy for Backs workshop by David McAmmond and Anita Sielecki at the Yoga and Meditation Centre Calgary. David has been teaching yoga in Calgary for over 40 years, so I’d definitely heard his name many times followed by, “You haven’t worked with him yet? Well, you should!” So I had to go and I was so glad I did. So informative and so much fun.

David McAmmond has written a very thorough book with Anita Sielecki, many years in the making called Yoga Therapy for Backs. We got the opportunity to play with some of the ideas in the book. The invitation passed on from one of his teachers, “to innovate, not imitate” is one thing that stays with me. Then there are those weird random bits of information that seem stick all on their own, like the fact that women infected by toxoplasmosis tend become mellow and promiscuous, but in men, not so much. Mice infected by toxoplasmosis lose their fear of cats.

This video shows a little aside, a gentle way into legs up the wall ( if you have the ability to do forearm stand. Otherwise, skip this one. ) The first time is a bit of a thrill. Is it really going to work? Once you get over that, it’s a piece of cake. It looks cool too. 🙂

Thank you David! Thank you Anita!

Finally, if you don’t already know about the Liberated Body Podcast, you might like to check it out. A number of people that David and Anita referenced during the weekend and in their book have been interviewed on this podcast. This podcast has introduced me to many types of practice and fascinating people studying the wonderous realm of our body. Just a few episodes of interest …

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