Project #64: Cat Carrier from a laundry hamper

Leo was playing in Heather’s laundry hamper about a week ago and Lori had told me about cat tunnels at the dollar store. That prompted me to try a hamper out as a cat carrier. That and a vet appointment last Wednesday and the cardboard box we brought Leo home in was starting to rip. I was looking at buying a carrier, but they cost around $50 and up, the cheapest one I saw was for $35. For this project, I bought a new laundry hamper for about $8 at Superstore. hamper I was looking for a hamper with a zipper, but did not find one, so I sewed a zipper into the one I found.zipper

It works well. No complaints from the kitten. The handles were useful to secure the carrier using a seatbelt, through the loop and around the body of the hamper. It was firmly in the seat of the car with the seatbelt in place. There are built in velcro closures on each side to store the hamper flat when not in use.closed But when only one side is attached, it makes a good shape for getting into and out of. Collapsing the second side, pops the kitten out of the carrier.half-closed



He prefers this to a cardboard box with air holes. I put a cat bed into the bottom for the car ride. No meowing to or from the vet. Now Ben can have a laundry hamper when it is not being used to transport Leo. Leo has been found taking naps in Ben’s pants drawer any way.

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