Project 62: Chenille bathmat from old sheets

I think with this early spring in the air, I need to get back to clearing out the clutter. This is one project that I did a few months ago with old sheets. It is a simple quilting technique that sews layers fabric together to create a chenille texture once you’ve cut through all but the bottom layer of fabric.

Chenille mat

You can use scissors, but it’s a lot of cutting through many layers of fabric. You can buy a special cutting tool just for this technique if you intend to make lots of these quilts. I chose to cut a strip of thick plastic to use as a narrow cutting surface that I could put in between lines of stitching.  Then I could use a rotary cutter, a common tool that I already have.

My cutting surface, a strip cut from a plastic placemat

For each square, I used 12 inch squares of fabric, (old sheets,) stacked on top of one heavier base fabric that was 13 inches square (cut from old pants). In total there were about 7 or 8 layers of fabric. Then you sew lots of parallel diagonal lines, about half and inch apart.

Cut the fabric between lines of stitching, except the bottom layer.
Sew the squares together.
The bottom of the mat: Fold the edges under and stitch into place by hand.
After washing, the layers start to fluff up.

Rob Appell (Man Sewing) who made the guitar strap video, also made a video about this chenille technique. He made a quilt.

Speaking of spring, just today, I noticed that the pussy willow in my yard has started to bloom. This is the first year that it has produced the little fuzzy catkins. It’s been a weirdly warm February.IMG_2788

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