Just walking along

Step by step inward
Pause to receive inner light
Step by step outward

I walked with two others after yoga class this week and spontaneously we decide to go visit a labyrinth nearby. I entered the labyrinth with the intention of trust. What emerged was a recommitment to being a “disciplined half-ass“, as Elizabeth Gilbert put it in Big Magic. That is my goal, one to replace my default of (recovering) tortured perfectionist. I think it’s the road to completion, to fun, to returning, to nurturing, to compassion, to curiosity, maybe even to badass and to heart.

As we were discussing our experience, the idea of choice and making decisions came up as something that happens in the present. A poem and a quote came to mind, a haiku that I wrote last fall and a Rumi quote. I think they go together well.

What choice do you have?

How long will you hold your breath?

You have this moment.

-June Kwak

a mansion in the sky

can be yours with each breath

yet all to often

what you do instead

is fall into dreams or doubt

so offer wine every moment

every breath

and remember:

every breath you take

makes one of two choices:

you either surrender to your soul

or struggle with doubt


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    March 19, 2016

    …….loving that Rumi wisdom.

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