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Last spring, I listened to the audio book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and thought it sounded like a good idea. This past month, I have started on the discarding step. I’m part way through sorting and discarding my clothes that do not “spark joy”. I like the concept of vertically folding clothing that Marie Kondo teaches. I’ll spare you a photo of my sock drawer, but just try googling “Konmari folding” for lots of photos of vertically folded clothing. Here is Marie Kondo folding the contents of an underwear drawer.

This pile of discarded clothing was either donated or will be taken to the “Throw ‘n’ Go” area at the Calgary landfill where clothing and shoes in any condition, even damaged clothing, underwear and socks are sorted for reuse or recycling.

I set aside a few things for current projects and I have been spurred on to do some mending, alterations and regroovenating. I’m slowly reclaiming the space in my sewing room, which had become a dumping ground for “materials for future projects”.

Here are a few things I’ve regroovenated:

  • I cut a sweater down to size to fit my daughter. It was knit for me by my mom at least 20 years ago. It was previously big enough to fit me and my daughter in it together. Below, you can see the basting lines for fitting. I machine stitched two lines along the basted lines and then cut away the excess. before sweaterafter sweater I think it looks cute on her and she likes it and she is wearing it. If she had not wanted the sweater, I would have quietly gotten rid of it, after expressing my appreciation for the warm feelings all around that it has brought me, but I’m glad it’s staying around for a bit longer.
  • re-re-regroovenated – I combined two previous projects here, I used a piece of fabric from this Infinity Scarf to embellish the back of a simple cardigan I had made in 2011.

IMG_2676 (1)

  • The rest of the infinity scarf became part of a fleece lined neck warmer. IMG_2675 IMG_2689
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