Five Faves

  1. Just started reading this book, Yoga Fascia, Anatomy and Movement, by Joanne Avison, another person I heard about via the Liberated Body
  2. Cocoa and vanilla stout, Aphrodisiaque (or Aphrodite in English Canada) from Montreal. I’ve only had this twice, both times in Canmore at Thai Pagoda, a restaurant with a beer list about 2 pages long.
  3. I want to sew my next pair of shoes. Shoeology makes sewable shoe patterns!
  4. Writing 201: Poetry is running again starting on Monday. Sign up here.
  5. This sign…
SORRY WE'RE TIRED selfie in the @aestheticapparatus window #latergram
SORRY WE’RE TIRED selfie in the @aestheticapparatus window #latergram, by Austin Kleon,  CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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