Day 7: Neigbourhood, Ballad, Assonance

I went out walking today.
The sun was going down
At the playground, three kids on bikes at play
Riding round and round

Cookie cutter homes in taupe, beige and white wine
Pick up truck, mini-van, pick up truck, SUV
Red sign, blue sign, blue sign, orange sign
Pick up truck, pick up truck, sedan, RV

Along the ridge, the Rockies in the distance
The Bow River flows down below
For sale signs clustered where a cliff has advanced
Beside the post flood pathway repairs and steeply slumping land

The trees were newly naked
The magpies circled and swooped
One found a crabapple, bright red
Feathered heads turned and birds regrouped

Couples, ladies, solo walkers,
Dogs with their people, and cell phone talkers
People who smile, others look down
Bikers and tricyclers flying along before sundown.

Walking home past pick up trucks
And kids eager for me to clear the path
More pick up trucks and two car garages
Homeward, refreshed, with a thankful heart.
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