Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

(not brain surgery or anything…) So here it is.

Ode to walking towards centre and out again

I am no expert of walking labyrinths in the grass.
Having walked just two that leaves me looking forward to a walk number three.
A labyrinth walk is simple.
A winding path in towards centre and then back out into the wider world
One way in and one one back out.
No tricks, no dead ends no obstacles for the feet
Yet doubt did arise, will it really work? Am I doing this right?
Surrender and release let go to go in.
Am I there yet? Can't I hurry this up?
A few quicker steps and then surrender again.
Another breath, another step, slowly again.
Almost there, keep going. 
And a pause at the centre, open, receptive, attentive
"Let go of the labyrinth, the sure path, the one way", was the message I heard this second day.
Taking this out with me, how do I walk with this what do the first steps look like?
Isn't it curious this simple journey into centre and the one that comes out again into the wider world.


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    Dirje Childs
    October 16, 2015

    June, this is so similar to what happened to me walking a labyrinth recently… captured it so well, so openly. This piece landed with me. Labyrinth walking is quite profound. Thanks for sharing such openness.

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