day 8: Ode to space

Drawers overstuffed

Regroovenating required

But first, release

Drawers, exhale all contents, useful and not

a cherry pitter bought when the plants were just twigs,

sock without a mate,

clay replica of Taj Mahal made by a first grader,

bracelets of plastic beads made in my honour,

clothes while not worn out, unworn…

Excavation reveals years have passed.

Let out a sigh, dear drawer,

Let go of clothes that outlived the job,

 and remnants of a previous time

Drawer, you can finally inhale a full breath unencumbered.

Feel the spacious emptiness.

Drawer, what are you drawing?

Draw in only what is needed for your drawing.

Rejoice for the space!

Space of clarity

space of simplicity

space of possibility

Go on breathing, spacious Drawer.

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