Project 59: Warrior princess skirt from an old dress

Should you want to do warrior 2 pose, or squat or play cello while wearing a skirt, then this one might be the one for you. It is simple design two rectangles of fabric, hemmed and overlapped at the sides. The side seams only go down part way leaving two long overlapping slits on both sides, and a simple elastic waistband. It was inspired by the idea of wearing two aprons, but without all the ties, and like a wrap skirt without the risk of unwrapping. I wanted a maxi skirt with freedom of movement for the legs. I used fabric from a dress I bought when I was a teenager visiting Korea. A few years later, I tie-dyed it and hung onto for over 25 years. Now I get to wear it again. I’ve worn this skirt with slits toward the front, but it could be rotated to have the slits line up elsewhere.

In less than two minutes, Ben took all the photos for this post.

First, let’s leave the laundry behind and head outside. I like the movement in this photo.




I made the leggings and the shirt as well. I lengthened a shirt that was too short. The bottom section was from a T-shirt my daughter tie-dyed in grade 2 and outgrew.cresentskirt2

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