Five Faves

Happy Canada Day!

  • I know I’m going to give one of these to someone soon. These Giggles are puppets hand made in Nanaimo, BC. Here is H making one come alive at a craft fair this spring. 
    giggle2 giggle1giggle3

The next three faves make my Fridays the best. I am so lucky and grateful. I love my Fridays.

  • Tamara’s yoga class at Yoga and Meditation Centre Calgary,
  • followed by coffee at Phil and Sebastian’s with friends

    A few Friday regulars
  • and the Market on MacLeod where you can get
    • the best green beans from Broxburn Farms in Lethbridge
    • medicinal mushrooms and all manner of healing products at Lotus Herbal. I love this Myco Shield spray. Great little help for when you feel like you might be fighting something off. Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 2.51.21 PMOne day my daughter announced, “Mom bought a $50 bag of magic mushrooms.” thankfully, just at our dinner table. I had to tell her no, I bought medicinal mushrooms and those are different than magic mushrooms.
    • happy pants from Sandy at Twitchin Threadz.  She’s got the best clothes. This is where I got my last two pairs tie dyed leggings and this hat.hat
    • habit forming marinated Olives. My favourite is called Olive Diva – marinated olives with cashews, almonds, & cranberries, from Angela’s Olives …and so much more
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