Chive blossom vinegar

A couple weeks ago I collected some chive blossoms to make some vinegar. A few Johnny-jump-ups, a bit of lilac and a few leaves of lemon balm also made it into the mix. Here I have the ingredients in unheated white vinegar, as described by Canadian Living. Then I remembered reading about heating the vinegar. After the photo, I heated the whole thing and extraction was definitely sped up.

steeping vinegar

About a week later, I strained the vinegar and was left with a perfectly pretty pink vinegar. I love the colour. I might like the way it looks in the bottle more than the flavour, which is just sort of vinegary with a whiff of chives. Other recipes suggest more exotic vinegars like champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar. So far, I used some in a cucumber salad.

Remember that you can also eat the blossoms. I have used young blossoms torn apart and added to salad or vegetable pancakes. Whatever way you might use blossoms, there will likely be tiny critters hanging out inside the blossoms, so rinse well if that sort of thing bothers you.

chive vinegar

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