Five Faves

Five favourite things this month of May.

Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction  is a resting place and doubt is infinite – it is a passionate exercise. ” By John Patrick Shanley

  • Liberated Body Podcast – Season 2 began in May. So many great people featured on this show. My reading list always grows when I listen, for instance, Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall.
  • Playing with paint. I met a friend, Rita, who I hadn’t seen in a long time. We did a paint reading together. I dropped 5 drops of paint into a cup and we watched it swirl and change. We watched the paint dry together as we talked about what we saw. We laughed, and I cried, all over 5 drops of paint worth of art. Among other things we talked of freedom, horses, exhaling, gentleness and play and their opposites.

    What do you see?
  • seed heads of the prairie crocus (Pulsatilla patens) AKA Pasque flower, prairie anemone, prairie smoke, wind flowerIMG_2280
  • The 20th Annual Festival of Quilts was on at Heritage Park was last weekend. Over 600 quilts were on display. It was my first time attending. I took only a dozen or so photos and when I looked up who had made them, four of them were by the same artist, Vanecea Greene. I’m inspired to use up my small scraps of dyed fabric.IMG_2264
115″ The Offering Tribute to Dale Auger, still playing with one-inch squares, on Pellon grid trying to use up the scraps.” Quilted by Vanecea Greene. (60×84)
112 “On a Winged Prayer Inspired by Dale Auger and Debra Hyde. Yes, those are all one-inch squares finishing at 12 inches.” Quilted by Vanecea Greene. (60×80)
412 “Hawaii I bought this fabric line in Houston; then again the exact line in Hawaii. Oops, this will take the stash down some. (90×90)” Quilted by Vanecea Greene
Border of Hawaii quilt
202 “Through the Solarium Window My interpretation of ‘Bali Sunrise’, a class taught by Wanda Derwee. I see my sunrise over a secret garden ‘through the solarium window’.” (72×84) Quilted by Kathleen Lindsay
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