Project 57: Running belt from an old faithful ugly pair of biking shorts

They’re ugly and the elastic around the legs is worn out. I’d never wear them again. But these cycling shorts were great when I was in my late 20’s and I wore them alternating with another pair of shorts for about a month as my boyfriend at the time and I rode from Toronto to Moncton (over 1700 km), bicycle touring, carrying all of our camping gear with us on our bikes. Since we still wanted to hang out with each other after that, we eventually decided to get married. Being a bit bike obsessed at the time and pragmatic, instead of engagement rings, we both got new bikes. We still have those and ride them around. Mine is red and his is yellow.shorts

Ever since reading Born to Run last fall, I’ve been intrigued by learning to run and maybe making some shoes to run in. I been eyeing these sewing patterns for shoes for a while now. I’m on week 2 of an 8 week learn to run program. I’m using the Couch to 5k or C25K app. You get a voice prompt to start running and start walking. The workouts are short and the first one was running for 1 min and walking for a minute and a half. There are 3 sessions a week, just 30 minutes each.

With the weather getting warmer, it would be nice to have something to carry the phone around. I looked at a few different ideas. Running belt with a zipper, one without a zipper, and one that looked like a streamlined fanny pack utility belt.

For mine, I cut off the top of these shorts and folded up half of the fabric and sewed along the vertical seam lines to make pockets on the inside. I added a bit of fold over elastic to the top of one of the pockets to hold my phone. Maybe this was not really even necessary. This was super fast to make because it was already the right size and the waistband was already done.

inside belt
Inside back pocket of the running belt

I’m wearing the belt in the photo below. (Did you know you can use the volume + button on the earphones to take a photo with your iphone? That’s what’s in my right hand.) I slip the phone in the centre back pocket and off I go.

running beltThe belt works and I like running! I like the cardio high. I like that it’s so efficient. In 30 minutes, fresh air, heart rate up, and sun (most days). It’s refreshing.

Although my first question about a triathlon with meditation as one of the events, was “Do they do a sensory deprivation tank leg to start?”, I just signed up for the Wanderlust 108 mindful triathlon in Calgary in June. 5km run, yoga outside, and meditation. It just sounds like fun and there will be hooping afterwards! Does anyone want to join me?

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