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Welcome to the new blog! Same as the old one, but just moved to a new location, with a slight change to the name.

Nice time for a look back at how it all started. Below is the first post from 2007, featuring my then 7 year old son. Today, my son looks more like this, 14 years old here…

ben with ski
Ben with his new skis – Christmas, 2014

He informed me that I am still big, but now I look small. He’s taller than me. He also told me the last time we were skiing that I have bad skiing posture. He was right. I listened to his tips and I am skiing better. His teaching ability has improved over the years from imitating my less than ideal form to giving me some useful suggestions. He now has the longest skis in the family.

Here is how it all began…

Project #1: Really Big Origami with re-used paper

Benjamin will be your guide in creating your very own samurai hat!

Please send us a photo of your finished creation for our samurai hat album.
(Photos will be added soon…)

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