Messiness and moving on…

Maybe it goes without saying that there is messiness along the way. There is thrashing about and crankiness and laughter and crying and just ordinary human imperfection. Some of my favourite pieces of work veer in the direction of revealing that side of creation.

Part of me says, that’s just what needs to be let go of. But to be reminded that we are not alone in our struggles has been valuable. The sharing of imperfections has helped me find just a little more compassion for myself when I see my own anxious self and fear pop up. To get a glimpse of the process is kind of fun and a good reminder that it’s the journey that is the thing.

Messiness can be magnificent. My daughter was so impressed with the magnitude of mess that she took photos and recorded a video of the aftermath of making a batch of sticky buns. This video is narrated Heather and you can hear ‘wow…’ and ‘a-haaa!’ and general glee. Look at this spill, look at that all over the floor and the overflow of molten burnt sugar in the oven.

Just so you know, this baking of sticky buns was done while I was away. I had just come home from a workshop to a marvellous smelling kitchen and I am scribbling notes in the corner of the kitchen. If you are an extreme neat freak, I mean, if you have orderliness under control in your world, please don’t judge. Maybe you don’t want to see this video. Otherwise, see the mess for yourself…

Messiness is just part of the process. But messiness has to be cleaned up and contained. I have a few areas that need attention, like that desk in my kitchen. It’s an invitation to get rid of old clutter because it looks awful and not awe-full and I need that space for its own sake and order and peace of mind and for what I am working on today. I think I’m getting more comfortable with mess and with clearing away what needs releasing, and that’s what re-groovenating is. It’s releasing stale grooves to release inner groovyness.

Moving on…

I am preparing to move to my very own website. I bought my own domain name ( and I am learning how to move things over and set things up. I’ve also learned the basics of video editing from my son. If all goes well, you will be transferred over there automatically, even if you come to the old blog first. It’s mostly ready.
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