Good intentions…

Things I am excited about… but haven’t got around to yet. Some are scheduled in, others are on the to do list.

  • This chopped salad is just what I need the week after Hallowe’en
  • Kate Potter is now offering skype yoga sessions. 
  • I want to dye like India Flint.
  • I love the liberated body podcast! I think of it as the stick-out-your-butt podcast because of these three interviews: Judith Lasater who says “stop tucking your tailbone”, Ester Gokhale who says the primal posture is a J spine where your bottom is behind you, and Jonathan FitzGordon who says, “stick out your butt” and “give your butt a room of its own” when standing. Also a whole host of other really interesting interviews with Brooke Thomas about “more happily inhabiting your body”.  Featuring mostly not yoga folks.
  • I am reading Born to Run and love the idea of running. Whether it becomes a reality, we’ll see, but I do want to be walking more at least.
And since we are on the topic of butts, I saw this on Facebook via Erin. A popular tune done in another groove.
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