Batch 2 of dyed fabric for the quilt that needs a new name

Here is more fabric. I love dyeing! This batch was able to sit in the dye bath for 24 hours, the recommended time for batching. After 24 hours, the dye bath was very pale and clear indicating that had very little dye left in solution which is a good sign that most of the dye has attached to the fabric. These photos show damp fabric. It is such a surprise to unfold each bundle and see the explosion of colours and spaces in between that makes such interesting patterns.

dye batch 2

fabric in the dye bath after 24 hours

Front: fabric that has been dyed twice, first scrunched then folded. Back: folded

Front: pleated and knotted. Back: pleated and ironed

Scrunched, the bottom fabric has been dyed twice.

This quilt project will go on. I will need a new name for it. It is a sampler quilt, for now the bogus underground railway quilt sampler. I think the book has some good quilting instructions and I’m not about to throw the baby out with the bath water. I will continue to read about stories of quilt squares and the history of the underground railway and this myth of quilt codes. I think this is an invitation to write my own story into this quilt.

The first block reminds me to question everything. I heard a Judith Lasater interview on the Liberated Body podcast. She reminds us to extend our questioning to our own thoughts and “not to believe everything you think”.

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