Less is more – Part 3: Less sleep = more giggles

Stuff that is not funny becomes funny when tired. So unless you are tired or otherwise impaired while reading this, it is likely that this could be a very unfunny post. While away from home, my sleep has been variable with a few late nights thrown in.

One night as I was going to bed after a family BBQ I recalled this exchange between two cousins.
J has a plate full of meat.
H – Would you like some rice or salad?
J – No thanks, I’m cleansing my body.
H – With meat?
J – No, I’m cleansing my body of carbs.

At the time I may have laughed, but as I was lying down to go to bed I just cracked up. Casey was already in bed half asleep when suddenly the sofa bed started to shake. I had a bad case of the giggles and I was trying hard not to make any noise. All I could say was, “It’s not funny. ” More giggles and then I was just barely able to repeat the dialogue that had come to mind amid giggles and silent laughter. After a few minutes I calmed down. I thought of it again in the morning and had the giggles again. A few days later I tried to tell someone about it and could not get the words out without erupting into another fit of giggles. I know, it’s not funny.

Two more potentially unfunny things met with unusually hearty laughter, but this time led by my mom. Here are two riddles told by my daughter.

Q-What’s green and has wheels?
A-Grass, I was just kidding about the wheels. 
Q-What’s blue and smells like red paint?
A- Blue paint. 

Maybe you smiled, groaned or thought, “I guess you had to be there.”

Feel free to leave your favourite groaners below.

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