Less is More – Part 1: Less = fewer textbooks, more = space

While on holiday in July, I’ll be posting smaller pieces on the theme of “less is more”. Here is one task finally accomplished. What to do with those old textbooks?

It seems that textbooks are very seldom wanted. They are refused by libraries, used book stores and used book sales. I once found a place that would take them in the states. One professional organizer told me of a textbook burning party she hosted where her husband’s textbooks which had been stored for over 20 years were “given back to the universe.”

Or you can recycle them. The city of Calgary recommends removing the covers and putting the pages into the blue cart. Only when we did this, our cart wasn’t emptied. I think we may have gone over the weight limit. We’ll try again, adding fewer books to our cart.

I have to thank Casey for actually carrying out the book recycling.  He did ask me to double check my pile of books. I only saved one.

Casey also made a few hundred squares of paper for Origami using a band saw. He also folded a frog.

I hope you have a chance this summer to put ‘less is more’ into practice.
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