Memorable Sandwiches in my life – and Why do sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them for you?

My kids are done school! No more early mornings, no more sandwich making – for them. I stopped making sandwiches long ago, but occasionally I will make a sandwich. My daughter says, “Your sandwiches taste better than mine, what do you do?” I think it is putting in enough crunch, a little more lettuce than you think would be good and enough spread in the form of butter or mayo. But the essential ingredient is love. That is one of the only rules I follow when cooking or eating. Was it cooked with love?

I woke up thinking about sandwiches and the fact that I remember some people by their sandwiches.

  • Open faced grilled cheese in the toaster oven with homemade corn relish. I don’t make these anymore. No toaster oven, and no homemade corn relish. -Brad, who serenaded me, and like his sandwich, it was warm, cheesy, slightly corny and sweet, also sincere and got the job done
  • Toast with cucumber with  mayo salt and pepper – another from Brad – a young love, a serenade, two sandwiches, over like breakfast
  • Butter and potato chips on white bread – Tracy, an English friend described these to me. She said she stopped making these after the looks she got from other teachers in the staff room. I had to try it.
  • Peanut butter and grape jelly on ‘French bread’ – Casey, before we got married, ate an unusual number of these.
  • Toast with almond butter and grape tomatoes – Lori *my current fave
  • Pita with onions, just the right amount of balsamic vinegar, mayo, lettuce and maybe tomato. Plus a slice of grilled eggplant if available. – Casey and the crazy house of quirky engineering and various other students and partners. I have to admit to crashing here for a few weeks when on practicum for teachers college. The house was beside the corner store with the “window of weight gain samosa”. The huge samosas came in brown paper bags that would become oil soaked and translucent, hence the name.
  • Peanut butter and jam – my son Ben eats at least one daily- runs in the family
  • Peanut butter and balsamic vinegar – Ben. I have yet to try this one. I really should after all, I have made him drink a vegetable juice to cure hay fever (kohlrabi, apple, carrot, parsley)- recipe from Swati. I liked it, but he has hated kohlrabi ever since and never ever complains of hay fever symptoms.
  • Peanut butter and bananas on toast – mom
  • Peanut butter with alfalfa sprouts – Mr Dressup
  • All natural peanut butter with a layer of white sugar in the middle – Jackie who I ate lunch with in grade 7
I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches. I do love Smoked meat Pete’s and a cherry cola. I love that there were once driving directions on their website from the Toronto airport. They are located just a five hour drive away from YYZ, just outside of Montreal. I don’t bother trying to have a smoked meat sandwich elsewhere.

I found a cookbook in the library featuring a selection of artwork from the They Draw & Cook website. I was struck by this recipe for a Chocolate and Cheese sandwich. I make one every couple of months for breakfast. I just may have to try the rhubarb strawberry cake recipe.

tomato on almond butter

That was my breakfast. What did you have for breakfast?
What’s your favourite sandwich?

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