Project 43: Hoop bag from Shopping bags

4 Ikea bags + lots of cord + cord lock + strip of scrap fabric = 1 hooping bag

The bag is simply a tube with drawstring around each opening.

I took apart 4 Ikea bags with a stitch ripper and cut off the handles. I removed the base of the bag from the sides and took apart one vertical seam. I just used the long rectangular sides of the bag for this project.  The top of the bag already had a hem that could act as a casing to hold the drawstring cord to gather the bag openings together. Since we’re using the top hem as a casing, make sure that it is continuous around the whole edge when sewing the parts together. I think I also had to open up a seam at the hem of the second vertical seam that I left intact otherwise.

Sew two bags together for the top and two bags together for the bottom. Sew top and bottom together along the long side.
Then sew opposite short sides together to make a tube.

Initially I sewed the handles all together to make a strap to use as a drawstring, but they broke apart while pulling the strap through the casing. Perhaps with more secure sewing, I could have used the straps. The threading of the cord into the casing was definitely the least fun part of the process, so after the break, I went for something more secure and used some cord for the front and a long strip of strong stretchy orange fabric for the back.

Top side of hoop bag – open

Bottom of the hoop bag
Ideas for improvement:

1. Make the bottom opening larger so that the front surface is long enough to wrap all the way around to the back and then onto itself in the front and enclose the hoops. You would loosen the cord of the front of the bag, feed the front of the bag through the centre, around the back and then back to the front and then tighten the drawstring cord. (I gave away my hoop bag, so it may take a few weeks to get a photo to show how this works if it is not clear.)

2. Seal the seams with tape or some kind of sealant. Then you would have a nice weatherproof bag!

Haven’t tried hooping yet? If you are in Calgary, then try one of Kelly’s classes, owner of Hoop-di-do.

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