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I was invited to join an awesome group of ladies to sew with and we do a little yoga too. I am learning one of the oldest re-groovenating pursuits – quilting. So far, Laura has guided us in making a Ten-minute Table Runner and also showed us how to make an exploding pineapple block. I shared the Tessuti fave top pattern, which is one of my fave free patterns.

The “Ten minute table runner” when googled will bring up lots of instructions, and depending on the optimism or skill of the author, is also known as the 20 minute table runner or 1 hour table runner. We didn’t time it, but we each finished one.

Ten Minute Table Runner

Here is my summary showing two options for sewing up. We all did option 2.

I will use my table runner on a bench that I have on my patio. I used a cotton blanket for the backing fabric.

Looks like I’ll have to make another one to cover the rest of the bench seat.
Exploding Pineapple block

The plan is use the exploding pineapple block to make a cover for a notebook that I use as my yoga journal.

Here I am all in grey (from 2012) and mostly handmade from free patterns available on-line. My first fave top of two so far. I used this leggings drafting tutorial by Cal Patch to make the leggings. I knitted the Broadstreet ripple socks from knitty. The skirt is made from a t-shirt. The necklace was a gift from a good friend.

An added bonus is that these ladies have some great recipes to share!
At our first gathering, Carol, our super host, made a classic cheeseball -very similar to this recipe.
Another Carol made a beautiful stuffed Ham and Cheese Sandwich Loaf, close to this “hero loaf” recipe (from a Fleischmann’s yeast) for our second meeting. She says it freezes well and always doubles the recipe. Carol’s recipe was a little different. Her version has no Italian herbs, olives, or pimento, but instead had garlic salt, bell pepper slices and some dijon mustard. I think it would be a great alternative to sandwiches for a ski trip.

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