Project 40: Handmade soap wrappers from Kindergarten art

My daughter is now 11 years old. It’s about time to let go of the kindergarten art, no? She doesn’t want it. I have a couple pieces hanging in the house, mounted on pieces of cardboard. The two above were keepers. I recycled some of it too. I may still have some that I saved for use as wrapping paper.

I made 2 batches of soap in the crock pot last year. I especially like this set of instructions because it does not tell you to taste your soap and see if it ‘zaps’ your tongue. Many tutorials advise you to do this! Instead there are some nice photos. Also useful was this on-line lye calculator.

The second batch of soap started out a little soft because of the olive oil content and perhaps the vanilla compound that I added for scent, so the first few bars became like modelling clay with use – mouldable soap. The rest of the bars in the batch did dry out and harden after a few weeks. I still have a few bars.

Want one? Leave a comment saying you want some soap. Is anyone out there? Limited quantities and only available to those in Calgary and any family and friends willing to wait for me to make my way back east to visit some time this year.

Hippy Creamsicle soap

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