Project 39: Girl’s dress from a handpainted T-shirt (A craft from the past)

I received a hand painted tie-dyed T-shirt for my birthday at the end of high school.  I still have it. (Don’t worry, I’m not a hoarder, it’s about the only item of clothing that old that I still have.) Now the two artists are also mothers of daughters and I will send this re-groovenated gift on for their daughters one day soon.

It could be a night dress, a dress or long t-shirt. There are two slots for a belt if desired. I made this quite a while ago. This photo is from last September. Heather is mixing up a batch of bread dough.

I used this tutorial again (from project 23) to add a channel around the neckline and gathered around the neckline and sleeves. I sewed narrower side seams that taper at the waist. I sewed side seams with the shirt right side out, then cut open the old side seams and left the excess fabric on the outside since it somewhat resembled seaweed. Also the image of a starfish on a rock was preserved rather than being cut off and left on the sewing room floor. (You can’t see the starfish in these photos, but it’s there beside the blue fish.) Heather thinks the shirt would be better without the seaweedy bits on the side. (Just sew the side seams with the shirt inside out to avoid seaweedy edges.)

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