Project 37: Skirts from jeans and shirts

Remember this one (project #11)…

Well, it needed an update. This project seemed like a good idea and was fun to make, but it isn’t actually wearable in public.
Project #11 was more ‘meh’ than OMG. So I took out my stitch ripper and started again. I still used the idea of adding fabric to the outseam in the remakes below. My second try was another underwhelming result, so much so that I didn’t even take a photo of it. The third time’s the charm and that skirt was wearable. I liked the strips of fabric in this skirt, so instead of triangle fabric inserts, I used rectangles of men’s shirt fabrics.

I used the slash and spread technique to create wedges to turn the jeans into an A-line skirt, adding strips of shirt fabric. A small but important alteration I needed was to take out some extra fabric just below the zipper. I did this by folding the skirt horizontally and sewing the extra fabric to the inside (like a horizontal dart, tapering at each side). This made the skirt hang better, instead of pouching outward awkwardly in the front. I’ve been wearing this skirt for a while a few months. I think the scale is tipped toward OMG now.

The back…
Here is another skirt made for Heather. She came up with the design ideas and we both worked on putting it together. She is learning to sew. The flower was from Tea Rose Home. I used the layered skirt tutorial from Dana’s MADE blog for the bottom of the skirt. Heather found the back pocket bow detail on youtube and I helped her with that.
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