Project 30: Underpants and dress scraps into babydoll top

This is my third entry into the Pattern Review Refashion Challenge. Following the philosophy of ‘Mess’ (a book by Keri Smith) and also a theme repeated in the Bhagavad Gita- just do it without attachment to results, I plunged into a short project using dress scraps from my previous project, outgrown underpants and a self imposed deadline of 1 hour. I had a nightie in mind, but ended up with a top that looks wearable in under 2 hours. I’m as surprised as anyone.

I saw a the top of a tank top in the underpants…

The back of the underpants becomes the front of the top. 
After cutting along the dotted lines, I asked H to try it on. She was not impressed. So off I went. I said she didn’t have to wear it. I took the scraps from the skirt project and patched together a rectangle. From the patchwork rectangle, I sewed a tube and gathered the top and joined it to the underpants. Next the ruffle went on. The ruffle was the bottom of the underskirt, so it was already hemmed. The one shoulder look was inspired by a top H already owned. I added some of the elastic from the waistband to the top edges of front and back of the top.

trial pair of underpants


tops of these dresses and 1 skirt hem


Here is the back…
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