Project 22: Worm Cafe from some scrap lumber

It’s the middle of spring and the trees are green and the garden has sprung to life. Under the surface the worms are busy eating and pooping and improving the soil as they go. So I put up a worm cafe to make them feel welcome in my vegetable bed. This is my first one. It is a kind of worm composter, but more of  a worm feeding station because you want the worms to continue to live and move about the garden. This eliminates the need to spread the compost or separate the compost from the worms, which you do in a worm composter using red worms. I think both kinds are very interesting.

This is my first wood working project and I had a bit of help from my son and just grabbed some of husband’s power tools and had a go. I used 1 x 6 cedar planks left over from some other project.
On the menu of the worm cafe: Slimy goodness…

Worm cafe installed in my square foot garden. Opened just a couple of weeks ago. Will see how things go and report back.

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