Project 15: On the cutting edge between genius and hobo

That great line, “between genius… and hobo”, came from my friend Mary when I created this shrug and put it on. She said, “It looks like on Tom and Jerry when there’s an explosion and someone loses half a shirt.”  She is not the only one who has tried to save me from embarrassment of wearing it out in public. Sometimes I wear it to yoga.  Truth be told, I was crafting under influence during a weekend away with some girlfriends. Part of the fondness for this beauty is attached to the memory of its creation. It started as Nancy’s hand-me-down sweater, which became this shrug and a cowl/scarf that Erin wore that night.  That was one of the last times I saw Nancy before she move away.

So this project might count as a mess…  I recently got a book by Keri Smith, by the same name.

Cutting up knits and t-shirts is fun, fast and immediately gratifying, especially if it works out. There are countless examples of reconstructing and upcycling t-shirts.  Here a just a few that I have done in the past few years.
B’s sunglass holder

Legwarmers, also useful for yoga, inspired by the book Sew Subversive.
Polar fleece tie

H’s cardigan, (currently lost), inspired by this Angry Chicken post
Projects that I want to try: a t-shirt necklace and reverse applique
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