Project #9: Growth rings – crocheted edging to extend the life of favourite pants.

Two years ago, ( in the days when I was at least posting to this blog), I noticed that my daughter needed new pants, or at least longer pants. So I went to work crocheting some edging to extend the wearable lifetime of 2 pairs of pants that she loves to wear.   (She still wears them, but now as capris, but their days are numbered)


A small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn. I used the kind of cotton yarn that you would use to make a washcloth with.

How to hook it:

I chain stitched until the length of my chain was about 1 or 2 inches longer than the distance around the hem of the pants. (This is to allow for shrinkage in the wash.)

Then I worked a single crochet in each chain stitch, working only in the front loop. (That was my intention, but looking at my work, I’m not sure I always succeeded.) Make an extra end of row chain stitch and repeat for about 4 rows, then start to work a scallop stitch to finish.

Wash and dry as you would normally. I threw mine in the dryer and found that one piece of edging was about right, but the other was still too long.

If your growth ring is too long, then sew a narrow tight zigzag stitch with a sewing machine before you cut to the desired length.  

Then attach by sewing by machine or by hand.
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