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It’s been a long while since I’ve worked on this blog. I’d work on something and think, “I could put this on the blog…”, but I gradually got out of the habit of writing and adding new posts. It was not due to just one thing. Pauses are sometimes necessary on the regroovenating path. It is a word that I made up years ago and one that is I still like in describing all sorts of transformations, material, personal or societal, physical and spiritual… that involves recognizing and releasing old grooves to release radiant grooviness that can shine once the tired, ineffective, worn grooves are released and that part can sometimes feel rough. In small ways, cycles of regroovenating, step by step, turn by turn…accumulating over time, reviving, rejuvenating, releasing, retrieving, becoming more and more in tune, more and more loving, tender, kind and compassionate on our imperfect meandering path.

The kinds of seeds that have been planted during my pause are reflected by my five faves this week. Interestingly, the links are to really old content by internet standards.

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