Bean trellis

bean trellis
Bean Trellis

I just wanted to learn a few knots to join some bamboo poles together to make a trellis. On YouTube, I found what I needed. It was interesting to see who posted knot tying videos. Boy scouts, preppers, survivalists, and artists were among the knot enthusiasts.

round lashing
Round lashing

I used a round lashing to join two bamboo poles together to make a longer pole.

shear lashing
Shear Lashing

I used a shear lashing to join the top of the trellis together.

japanese square lashing
Japanese Square Lashing

I really like this Japanese square lashing. This one was good for a 90 degree join between poles.

YouTube led me to find out about the amazing bamboo creations by Georges Cuvillier and a bamboo architecture festival in Indonesia. I might just have to make another trellis or two.

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