Marginalia and a couple black out poems

I took another run at the first blackout poem that I did. Since I used a plastic overlay, I took it off and I started again.

crossroads Then I worked on a second page.

black out 2

If you had any lingering doubt as to whether the quilt code was true or myth, you’ll have no doubt that it is pure myth when you read just a few accounts of escapes from slavery as recorded by William Still. His book with the lengthy subtitle, “The Underground Railroad (A Record Of Facts, Authentic Narratives, Letters, &C., Narrating The Hardships, Hair-Breadth Escapes And Death Struggles Of The Slaves In Their Efforts For Freedom, As Related By Themselves And Others, Or Witnessed By The Author.)” is available to read on-line or download as a free e-book through Project Gutenberg.

The images that follow of William Still and the title page of his book are from the Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Library, as part of an Underground Railroad exhibit “How the Antislavery Movement Used the Print Media”.

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