Project 54: Regroovenating top from 3 t-shirts

regroovenating top

Just 3 t-shirts chopped and restitched together. I cut open the existing binding around the neck and bottom hem. My favourite, t-shirt yarn, for the lettering, stitched into place and outlined with a sharpie marker. The arm holes were faced with a slightly smaller loop of t-shirt yarn, zig-zagged in place, to help it keep it’s shape.

I finished it just in time to wear it to the hoop path workshop last weekend with Baxter. I loved the energy, the movement, the dancing and especially something we did each day called sway. We were moving and dancing blindfolded. It was so freeing. That was unexpectedly my favourite thing. Many words and phrases are still reverberating through my being.



Go get it…

You’ll get it…

The HoopPath is about teaching hoop dance as a way of breaking out of the suffocating prison of self-consciousness.  If you want to feel freer in your movement and if you are willing to get out of the box you’re in, my workshops and classes can help you.  I teach hoop as a movement practice.

 -Jonathan Baxter

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