Thrift store score and some thoughts on practice.

When you walk into a thrift store and you try on a jacket,

if you are already wearing the matching scarf (here’s the pattern), then I think it’s fine to acquire the jacket.

After finishing the last quilt square, I was thinking more than once. “Quilters work too damn hard.” That square took a long time. Then I thought about knitting, which I haven’t done much of lately. I did finish a pair of socks this fall. I would love to show them off, but kind of feeling lazy right now. And the above scarf was knit with sock yarn – skinny, fine yarn that takes hours to make any visible progress with. (You can by the way choose a much thicker yarn and make a scarf much faster using the same pattern.) What am I complaining about? I think I adjusted my expectations over quilting this week. I knit without a deadline in mind these days. I just knit and sometimes abandon a project for a while but eventually if I keep knitting I get to the end. I get my pair of socks. The lesson this week in my quilting and in my home yoga self-practice was to let go of the outcome. To not expect to get things. But to show up and practice for self-love, self-care and steadiness.

Some things that have stirred me up recently…

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