Project 51: Olana’s sweater into a cowl and more…

Before: Cool sweater, just too hot to wear
After: Olana with her new cowl
…Plus an extra bit – the top of sweater and sleeves. With a few alterations, I tried it as a shrug.
(truly, I tried to upload the photo, but it didn’t work.)
And I got:
C- “Where is the rest of your sweater?” 
me- “Olana has it.”
C-“Oh so it’s like sharing.”
B – “aaah!?! What is that?” (making a weirdo face)
H – “It’s okay. Only the front part is weird.” (She was talking about a strip of fabric in the middle that is tucked away in the photo. yeah it was weird, but it stayed on better.)
me – I don’t love it, but it is cozy and warm. . I might make mittens instead, like these.
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    November 20, 2014

    I’m so glad my sweater got to have a new life! I love your creativity June.

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