Project 50: Yoga pants re-groovenated – second chance pants


This is the first pair of yoga pants I ever made over 10 years ago. They have shrunk and faded and only get worn when the laundry has not been done. This past spring at the Lilac festival I saw these pants that I like. I’ve been thinking of making a similar pair ever since. I have worked on these on and off for a few months, mostly off.

Finally done, here are some pants selfies – not as easy as you might think. I used my serger to sew an overlock stitch in parallel lines along the length of the leg. Then I threaded a hemp yarn through the line of stitching and gathered the bottom of the leg. I decided to trim off a couple of inches from the bottom and made a ruffle to add to the bottom of the leg. I’m wearing them today!


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