Project 44: Arm warmers from one of Nancy’s sweaters

Here is a project inspired by Mary who loves to garden. She one day mentioned that she wanted arm warmers. And since this month was her birthday, she got a pair from me.

front of arm warmers – swirly initials and hearts

I used a pair of arm warmers I own for a pattern and then eyeballed it. I used a method called couching for the embroidery. You just arrange the yarn in the shape that you want and then stitch is down every once in a while with a  needle and thread. I did it by hand. On the front I started with swirly scribbly initials that kind of ended up looking like a butterfly. I was looking at a lot of Celtic knots for ideas and came up with a heart design for the other side.

back of arm warmers with triskele and fern

The triskele is a Celtic knot that I saw on some arm warmers on pinterest. I liked the shape and the meaning so I included it in the embroidery for the back. One of the many meanings that first struck me was that of the trinity of life, most significantly the 3 expressions of the goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone. It also reminded me of fiddleheads. The backs of the armwarmers features a fern and the triskele/fiddleheads. I had originally planned to put half a fern on each arm so that when the arms were placed side by side you would see a whole fern, but I stitched it to the wrong side. I didn’t feel like unstitching so I went with the triskele for the other side. I like the complementary but unmatched combination of embroidery.

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