Project 16: Nursing cover from men’s shirt

Nursing cover
I followed the excellent instructions here from the Southern Institute of the Domestic Arts.  The changes I made are noted below. When the usefulness of this nursing cover is over, it can serve as an apron.
1 Men’s XL shirt
2 D-rings
15″ of boning
I cut the back off the men’s shirt including the yoke to use as the cover, cutting along the side seams and arm hole seams. This shirt had French seams, so I didn’t finish the edges and took advantage of the shirt hem.  The side seams will fray a bit on washing and need to be trimmed, but I don’t mind and I don’t think the recipient will either.  I used the front button band as the strap.
For the top of the nursing cover, I used the double layered yoke to encase the boning and the straps.  I folded under the raw edges and stitched the top of the cover.  Using a shirt with French seams, makes this project super fast. 
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